Evaluation of the neuroprotective effect of alcoholic extract of Achillea santolina L. flower on the degeneration of spinal cord alpha motor neurons after sciatica nerve injury in rat

Ghazaleh Larijani, Sara Ramezani, Saeideh Hatami, Nooshin Ahmadirad, Sima Vaez, Naser Amini


As a consequence of peripheral nerve damage, the material released from the lesion received by the cell body of neurons in the central nervous system leads to apoptosis. As Achillea santolina L. has anti-inflammatory effects, it may reduce the severity of the lesion. Therefore, in this study, we investigated whether the alcoholic extract of Achillea santolina had neuroprotective effects on the degeneration of spinal cord alpha motoneurons after sciatica nerve injury in Rats. Twenty-four male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups: compression, compression and treatment with 50 mg/kg, compression in addition to treatment with 75 mg/kg, and a group without any intervention as a control. In groups of compression and treatment, the sciatic nerve was compressed for sixty seconds by artery forceps. After compression, the extract of Achillea santolina was injected intraperitoneally during the first and second weeks. 28 days later, the rats were sampled from the lumbar spinal cord. Comparing neuronal density in each group was done with the compression group. In the compression group, the density of alpha-motoneurons showed a significant decrease compared to the control group, and in the treatment groups of 50 and 75 mg/kg, the density of alpha-motoneurons increased significantly compared to the compression group. These findings showed that Achillea santolina alcoholic extract of flowers has compounds that due to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant factors have restorative and neuroprotective effects on spinal cord alpha-motoneurons after lesion and a dose of 75 mg/kg has the greatest effect in preventing the severity of degeneration. 


Peripheral nerve; Achillea santolina L.; Nerve regeneration

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